Bicycle and Pedestrian-Friendly

by Bill Randall on December 13, 2012

Context for your living environment is important, too. So this is a picture turning around 180 degrees and looking at the bike and pedestrian path that skirts the south edge of our property. We wanted to maintain a fence for privacy to the condominiums just south of our project.

And, we also wanted to evoke the bicycle and pedestrian-friendly nature of what we are doing. So we worked with our photographer, Mike Dean to develop images that reflect the path and its bicycle and pedestrian nature. We think it’s kind of fun.

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Principle Property Management, 4710 Village Plaza Loop, Suite 220, Eugene, Oregon 97401. 541-345-6789.

Or contact Dan Hill at 541-913-0016 or Bill Randall at 541-517-2223. (click on photo for larger image)


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